I’m Bhakti, a California based fashion designer, originally from India(which means I love chai & love the spice in my life!).Born in Mumbai and migrated to California. Yes, I have been globetrotting since forever. I started with Oomphabian in 2015 as a lifestyle blogger and freelance copywriter based in California. After completing my degree in Fashion Design and Technology, I went on to become the go-to girl within the blogosphere for my personal style inspiration, beauty products, lookbooks and styling advice. Living in the United States my motive is to sustain the artisans and the traditions of India. Gathering all the fashion experience I felt I needed, as well as being a very business minded young woman; I decided to start up my own label. My label’s selfdom weaves the roots of indo-western culture, while adapting the ideals of bridal luxury. Thriving on this disparity, my label is a reflection of the creative regime that has set foot in the beautiful Indian handmade bridalwear.

Oomphabian pursues the application of a rational aesthetic which, when implemented, acts as a fusion of particular garment patterns, techniques, fun and the spirit of exploration. We have an unapologetic approach to design and to create pioneering bridal pieces, reflecting the moods and characters of the team and culture behind the brand. Oomphabian seeks to transcend the traditional connotations of a dress. Using cloth as our canvas we fuse with modern pattern cutting techniques and a nod to the traditional artisans with work like zardozi, chikankari, etc.

Alongside Oomphabian I am an aspiring philanthropist. Oomphabian has tied up with a few organizations that work on women empowerment by investing in their education. I believe the art of giving is the most culminating benefaction one could give to the society.
My aim for the near future is to see my label grow as a brand and to make women all over the world look and feel amazing on the most special days of their lives.