He Won’t Dare Forget

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Well this is a quick Valentine’s Day tip for you all! I am not a cheesy or a red person so making it simple for you all. Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to wear your heart on your sleeve. I’m a supporter of pink, red and the overall girliness that is a Valentine’s Day ensemble.

I suggest wearing a flirty white dress as supposed to something fitted or red. A tiny accessory with a precious touch is all you need, to pull off a white on white look, just like what I chose to wear. I wore mine with a “frieda’s red” lipstick by L’Oreal and red clutch to keep up with the shades of red and pink.

Flowy fabrics or lace makes gives your outfits a romantic or flirty touch. Play with a mix of pinks, it’s a great way to accolade without incorporating too much of red. Sweetheart or deep V necklines can enhance the romantic look. The trick is to not go overboard with red dress and accessories!

If you’re like me don’t wear red


Put on something he won’t dare forget


have a fabulous Valentine’s Day.

My outfit details

Gown: Young Trukk
Accessories : The Charmingle
Clutch : Papillon clutches

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