Holiday Season


Well, I have been on a holiday since a week and a half , hence you guys haven’t seen a post recently. But guess what? I feel the “I can’t go too many days between posts” syndrome. I’m sure all my blogger friends can relate to this!

So I’m sharing a little holiday post for you’ll

I’m featuring my friend here, from California. Doing what I do the best, SHOPPING! It smells like Christmas already and I am going crazy with all the pre black Friday/thanksgiving sales can’t even imagine how BLACK FRIDAY will be. But, I know one thing; I’m all set to wait in the long ques.

I hope everyone’s ready for winter. I can’t get enough of knits; I’ve been extra hooked on fur sweaters. It’s the most comfortable layer for daily wear and works well with any look. Boots are a must, keeps you warm and adds a lot of dimension to your look (ankle length or knee length) depends on your preference.

So put on your boots for the holiday season. December is my favorite month of the year; have fun decorating your Christmas trees.

Let’s be good and Stay positive for the last month of the year & Santa xx

What I wore

Sweater : Marks & spencer
Pants : Zara International
Boots : Forever 21
Bag : H&M

Photography : shotswithkajal

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