Introducing label oomphabian!

For everyone who knows me, you saw this coming. For everyone who doesn’t know me, this is a childhood dream coming into reality. Fought, struggled, cried, worked hard, moved countries to make this come to life!

I am a young enthusiast started oomphabian, a fashion blog in 2015 as you all know. Born in Mumbai, raised in Pune, lived in Gujrat and migrated to California. Since the age of 12 I watched Fashion TV and had the knack to play with my mother’s clothes. After high school,I fought to go to a fashion school while my father would convince me to become a lawyer but my goal’s were stronger. Living the various cultures and lifestyle I chose to revive my blood relation with Gujrat and empower the Indian handicrafts. Living in the united states my motive is to sustain the artisans and the traditions of India. 

My Label’s identity, weaves my roots of indo-western culture, while adapting the ideals of bridal luxury. Thriving on this disparity, her label is reflection of her creative regime.

Shop at and let me know how it was!

Lots of love,

Bhakti Patel

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