Rent The Trend

Wondering where I picked up my designer wedding outfits from? well, I rent my music from Apple Music, movies from Netflix and rides by uber!

But the most recent one has been my wardrobe.

In reality I cannot stop stuffing my closet because I always feel the need to keep up with the seasons newest Trends and not repeat.

It’s effortless process of being in style!

This service is the perfect solution to my over consumption problem because it would allow me to wear new outfits to every event without putting the efforts of cleaning your wardrobe from time to time and throwing away your favorite pieces even though you like how they sit in there. I’ve been renting my traditional wardrobe from 101hues and it’s been an wardrobe changing experience, it completely changed my views towards my style life.

Their customer service has been hassle free! 101 hues takes care of the dry cleaning so all you do is wear it to your event and return.

RENT NOW AT 101hues

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