The most instagrammable / local coffee shops in Sacramento

If you made it to this post, I MISSED BLOGGING SO MUCH and thank you for supporting me alway. Since I am blogging after a whole year I thought why not start with something that most of us can relate too, COFFEE! So here is a S/O to all my coffee lovers this one’s for you.
I am all about the ashtethic, vibe and freshly brewed coffee but more importantly supporting local businesses! So I put a list together with me personal experience and choice of the best coffee shops in the Sacramento or the most instagrammable coffee shop, Folsom, Auburn area’s.

Milka Coffee roaster
This place is my little dream mansion in the midst of downtown with a calm, cozy and homely vibe. They have created a modern coffee culture. This historic building built in 1861 has a past full of political, business, religious and artist owners. The olden interiors are mingled with the new which reminds you to enjoy and explore as they say “we all love so many more things about coffee than just coffee”. It also has great aesthetics, a great spot to relax, read a book or bring out your creative side. When you speak with roaster Samir or enjoy one of his creations it’s clear that his dedication to coffee reaches beyond roasting and the way it’s made. This coffee shop by far top’s my list in sacramento.

Morgan’s Mill
A contemporary coffee shop, Morgan’s mill located in downtown Sacramento has a feel of a lived-in family room—a space for people to slow down and relax and not feel rushed. The city’s only coffee shop that has a happy hour serving beers on tap and wine. They have a full breakfast with comfort foods throughout the day including Scones and muffins from yet the best Estelle Bakery & Pâtisserie. It has been a current go to spot for starting the weekend early or a chill night, where coffee lovers and wine/beer drinkers can connect. This location has a very vintage-industrial vibe that connects the urban space to nature. You will not miss their ‘sacramento sign’ which is made out of newspaper (I thought that was extremely creative).

Temple Coffee Roasters
When I discovered temple coffee in sacramento, it instantly became my starbucks. Wether i get my coffee to go before work or meet up a client or get my work done, temple is my goto. Always a guaranteed hit. All their coffee shops have the perfect modern location and feel to them. My personal favorite is the on K st with the pennies flooring. Its Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX and Dharma beans coffee is the best and a must try. They advocate a farm-to-cup process, emphasizing the importance of the source of their beans and the entire supply chain. Their coffee shops have a great atmosphere to get some work done or a catch up. Their coffee is authentic and always fresh, I usually grab it to go before a long road trip too. The barista’s are at all their locations are extremely friendly and I personally like the vibe of all their locations ( I am the biggest fan of temple coffee since I discovered and have personally experienced all their locations.

The Mill
This coffee shop is built in a mid-century building by Nick, a coffee professional and Ilah Rose an artist. They started their company as a coffee stall at the Saturday Farmers Market in Midtown, where together they brought a cafe-quality coffee experience en plein ai (in open air). I truly appreciate authentic creativity and you can feel the positive vibe they have created in the coffee shop.

Faria Bakery
A fairly new bakery in Sacramento and what an excellent one! They have several breakfast popular offerings including their morning bun, kouign-amann and pumpkin cheesecake croissant when they opened. Across the board, the flaky, buttery dough was incredible. My favorite is easily the croissant – I loved the combination of flavors and textures from the dough itself. You can see the high quality of craftsmanship in their baking, just by the look, shape and taste of it. Their must try are the croissants, danishes and, of course, the bread loaves!

The Pour Choice
Auburn, California’s first and only craft coffee bar and tap room. The pour choice seems like a breath of fresh air when you walk in. With 26 taps up at the marble bar, ranging from single origin coffee to 18 unique craft beers, including four from local Auburn microbreweries, The Pour Choice is the living room of Auburn. It is the go to spot for bikers finishing a 50-mile trail and want to relax with a beer, or a couple dressed up for their first or one-hundredth date (it never gets old). For the evenings they have both beer and wine and they have a regular schedule of live music to keep the vibe fun.
Also a great pit stop on the way to lake tahoe, the pour choice is yours!

Totem Coffee
Totem’s coffee is a hidden gem. Located directly on Main St. in the heart of downtown Placerville, The shop is super cute and inviting with a courtyard which makes it enjoyable to both sit inside or outside. And if it couldn’t get any better, they have super tasty vegan food options! I really like the toast that comes with marinated tofu which they have somehow perfected. It has that rustic, cabin feel to it and being there on winter mornings makes it all the more cozy.

World Traveler Coffee
World traverler’s is extremely detailed oriented coffee shop when it comes to their branding & aesthetic. Extremely trendy with gold accents, the marble table tops, and plush blue velvet chairs. It is small with the cutest decor, the most friendly staff and a great menu. This is not the type of place where I would rush in and out, grab the to-go cup, and jump back into the office. The atmosphere makes the coffee taste better- one should want to sit here and enjoy a lunch break in the day for good and creative coffee. They have a small breakfast and lunch menu that hits the spot.

Goodside Coffee
I’m not sure how Sacramento can have so many excellent coffee shops, but Goodside Coffee is an excellent addition to the Sacramento coffee scene and the owner Chuck is very nice.
I had never heard of Cat & Cloud Coffee out of Santa Cruz until I saw it as the featured coffee roaster here at Goodside Coffee. The coffee is smooth and delicious and the drinks are vegan friendly and surprisingly the chocolate mocha is also vegan friendly. It is a great corner location and the interior is clean and spacious. The large windows made it nice and bright inside from the natural light. The menu is actually pretty limited but I really like that they have seasonal drinks available, for everyone who is alway loves to try seasonal drinks.

FourScore Coffee House
This coffee shop is located in old town Roseville nestled between the night clubs and train tracks. Kind of vintage “your own kind” style to each furniture in the shop and has a spacious layout. The menu is minimal and to the point with great prices. A good spot after a long day of shopping at the mall. On a separate note on the website, it says:
“At Fourscore Coffee House, we have a simple agenda. Make amazing coffee, support and encourage local musicians and artists and do our part in the fight against human trafficking.” I think that’s a brilliant way to give back to the society.

Identity coffee
A spot with an industrial hipster vibe featuring rustic wood and stainless steel, a lot of open space, huge glass front wall for maximum natural lighting, outdoor seating, comfy couches and leather chairs, and a simple but delightful menu. It’s a great find to read a book, get work done or spend time with yourself. They had lots of diagrams and coffees from all around the coffee belt of the world.
They also have Westside by Identity Coffees in West sacramento, it is a corner location and it’s extremely quiet and never busy. Has a very calm subtle vibe as well, another great spot to get a lot of work done.

The list goes on with many more worth trying local coffee shops in the Sacramento area. Here is a personal list which i have yet to visit myself but sharing it if anyone would like to try them! And if you are like me, thank you for always supporting local businesses.

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