Vegas & Arizona

Las Vegas Itinerary

Day 1 – Landed in Vegas at 4pm, checked into The Venetian, explored the hotel, grabbed dinner and walked the strip, lost at the casino’s and called it a night!

Day 2 – visited all the popular hotels on the strip, grabbed some chilled beers at beer park (best bar on the strip with the Bellagio fountain view). Went on the 550′ High Roller giant Ferris wheel at the linq.

Day 3 – check out, drove to Paige Arizona! A MUST VISIT
upper & lower antelope by Kens tour
Each tour is 40 mins, 1 mile, $50.40 ea. and worth every penny!
Horseshoe bend has a parking with signs and you pay $5 for the shuttle to take you to the spot and you hike 1 mile till the horseshoe.

Day 4 – drove back to vegas and checked into the trump hotel.
We had a Grand Canyon helicopter tour by Maverick Helicopters
1.5-hour Grand Canyon Helicopter tour from Las Vegas, it covered Grand Canyon West Rim Fly over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Colorado River Take in views of the Las Vegas Strip on your return. Pick up from your hotel and drop off included for $354.99 each!
My man has a sweet tooth so had to visit the sugar factory for deserts. Got back to our hotel and had the experience of Mr.president staying at his hotel the same night!

Day 5 – SAW MR.Prisedent that morning. skipped the wet republic pool party with tiesto to just lay down by the pool and relax cause 1 week in vegas got too much! Had a date night at LAGO in Bellagio with the best table and a perfect view! Also the fountains had the GOT finale promotion but neither of us are into GOT (lets just say it was a COOL time to be there)

Day 6 – Brunched at the popular Hashhouse a gogo, shopped and flew back to Sacramento! That was surely not a budget trip but leaving some tips down below (keep reading)

Vegas on a budget tips

Getting to Vegas

Flights to Vegas are cheap! In fact, getting there may be one of the least expensive parts of your trip.
I used a mix of websites to book my trips. Never book everything from one place, YES it is convenient but NO as you will always find cheaper deals elsewhere! And by else where I mean always look for what the website is known for.
flights – always check deals on their actual website rather than third party.
Hotels – use apps! I used Priceline and look for employee discounts if you’re based in America and can pay upfront.

Getting around Vegas
The strip is literally Vegas! It may look like a 10 min walk, but its really 4.5 miles and that’s just the main drag. Traffic in Vegas is the worse, we drove around for 10 mins, went straight to our hotel parked and were happy pedestrians! if you plan on enjoying any alcoholic beverages, you’ll need to walk around or uber/lyft. AVOID TAXIS, TAKE HOTEL SHUTTLES
when we lived off the strip at the trump hotel they had a shuttle every 15 mins from 6am-2am which had pick up and drop off at the caesars palace (central strip).
Pro tip – remember when you rent cars, it’s always cheaper to drop it off at the same location or state!

Time your trip

T&T are the steal rates for Vegas. if you’re on a budget then Tuesday through Thursday is your best bet. you will fine the cheapest rates on air fares/hotels/shows in Vegas!

Some of the best deals I found were on :
Maverick helicopters
Kens tour

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